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Tiger Fight, October 14 The Milan Derby will start this weekend. Gazzetta dello Sport interviewed the Rossoneri’s former superstar Kaka today. The latter believes that this young Milan is on the right path. AC Milan will win the derby 2-1.

10月14日,猛虎搏击米兰德比将于本周末开始。 Gazzetta dello Sport今天采访了Rossoneri的前巨星Kaka。后者认为这个年轻的米兰走在正确的道路上。 AC米兰将以2-1击败德比。

The Milan Derby is a very special moment for Kaka. He has also left countless fond memories for Milan fans in the Derby. Gazzetta dello Sport also conducted an exclusive interview with Kaka on this occasion:

米兰德比对卡卡来说是一个非常特殊的时刻。他还为德比米兰球迷留下了无数美好的回忆。 Gazzetta dello Sport也在这次场合对卡卡进行了独家专访:

I'm very happy to see them all coaching big teams, which is very interesting. I thought Andre would start with the youth team first, but he became the Juventus coach directly. That's okay. Pirlo knows football well, so he was the right choice.


I am a fan now, I can only sit in front of the TV and watch the football, but if there is a Milan game I will definitely cheer for them. I love my friends, but the bond between people and the team will not disappear. Milan and I have experienced so much with each other, which is beyond ordinary feelings.


I think I’ll be more comfortable sitting behind my desk. My family and I are immersed in


Everyone has their own story. At that time, I thought it was the most suitable time to retire. Now I am also looking for a new path in the football world.


I like the combination of young players and veterans. This model is very beneficial. I was very young when I first arrived in Milan. The structure of the team at the time helped me a lot. Without the people I met in Milanello, I There will be no subsequent growth. In my opinion, the Elliott Fund has found the right direction. CEO Gazidis is working hard to implement the plan. The work done by Maldini and the previous Boban is also very important. I like the current progress in Milan. , The important thing is to let young players continue to grow.

我喜欢年轻球员和退伍军人的组合。此模型非常有益。我刚到米兰时还很小。当时的团队结构对我有很大帮助。没有我在Milanello遇到的人,我将没有后续的成长。我认为,埃利奥特基金会(Elliott Fund)找到了正确的方向。首席执行官加济迪斯(Gazidis)正在努力实施该计划。马尔蒂尼和前波班人所做的工作也非常重要。我喜欢米兰目前的进步。 ,重要的是让年轻球员不断成长。

The answer is obvious to me. Everyone knows the Arsenal model and looks great, but they haven't won any championships in these years. We need to be more specific and build a model of young players + mature players, and you will gain the future.


Ibrahimovic has brought everyone to a new level, whether it is his strength or the motivation he brings to the team is crazy. Ibrahimovic is also very helpful to young people. It will make the team mature and teach everyone how to maintain a high standard and how to relieve pressure. The league is difficult and long, and I'm sure his presence will make the season different.


I think this is a good idea. We should have more confidence in the coach, because a coaching change is usually not rewarded. In Brazil, sometimes the coach will dismiss after losing two games. As a senior, you must have foresight to build a team, so yes, it is undoubtedly a good idea to keep Pioli. Milan now has a very good team atmosphere and a clear concept. The road to revival will be long, but I think the team is already in the right direction.


Milan is very simple, Ibrahimovic, the leader of the team. For Inter Milan, I think it is Lukaku. He is a very smart player who can always do the most correct action on the court. Milan are playing happy football now, while Conte’s Inter has the spirit of never giving up. Everyone sees the truth on the court.


We will win 2-1, but I believe the game will not be easy.






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